Thursday, November 13, 2008

Epilogue: Get in or Get out

Woke up the next 24 hours after the interview feel refreshing. I couldn’t imagine how swiftly my neurons work after the long hibernation process. Plus, I feel I am a better person. With clearer vision.

Guess what? The interview that I dying anxious for few days ago had over and it promised me something. Yes, Otago promised me an expensive hockey turf which I ever dreamed of in my future medical school. Otago promised me 5 minutes walking mosque from residents (which my friends doubted I wouldn’t go).

Most important thing is Otago promised me my future. Otago made up my mind. I don’t want to become a doctor anymore. I have to become more. I have to grab my MBChB in 2014, at Otago.

So, here is the deal, between me and Otago.

From Firhan@shika:
i. 5 years of my short and uncertain life
ii. Few months at the end of 2009 for Health Science Program
iii. Internet network at home(to contact my parents and slblings when I get there)
iv. A passport costs me about few hundred ringgit

For Otago:
i. MBChB
ii. A great and expensive hockey pitch
iii. New non-Malay friends
iv. A great and expensive hockey pitch
v. Experiences that I couldn’t earn from my homeland
vi. Ounces of the Middle Earth soil
vii. Exposure on NZ local music

Decision: I should get in

Why not? I should get in as medicine in Otago offers many things that could alter my life as balanced I could be. Though medicine might not be the best damn thing that excites my daily life, but it offers me bright future. Dunedin itself could fulfill my hunger on cultural and historical elements, on its land. By playing future role in teaching, I would be able gain great personal satisfaction which should suits my traits.

Career in medical field such as doctor is way too cool and tough. And I admit, human in this field are way too intelligent and balanced. So, why shouldn’t I get in medicine? It was a symbiosis anyway between me and this field.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

I dreamed of Otago entrance while I’m in my hibernation process today. It might be a sign. Or it might means nothing unless if I get..

a conditional offer maybe..


majin said...

Goodluck for ur placement friend.

Rhazes said...

gudluck gak,
kasi linking skt ngn gua pnye blog

future phenomenon said...

salam tumpang ziarah. jika ada yang berminat dengan teori konspirasi, sejarah nusantara yang hilang, sufism, kebangkitan akhir zaman..sila lah ke

harap salam ukhwah akan bertaut demi masa depan..sekian